The Dappled Light.com...

This domain was purchased on May 18, 2014 through Bluehost. It is run by a 31 year old Vermonter who is way too old to be writing fanfiction, playing on Paint Shop, or watching anime music videos -_-;;.

The name for this domain has been a recurring theme in my online presence since late 2003, early 2004, when I started making icons on GreatestJournal.com with the workshop 'Dappled Light'. It has since grown into a site of its own, which is why my little icon archive shares the name of it's parent domain.

If you are interested in being hosted, hosting is open, but only to specific clientele (FYGK fans). Click here to learn more.

Past Layouts:

Version: 1.0
Type: Iframe/Tables
Life: May 2014 - October 2016
Summary: This 'under construction' layout was the face of TDL.com for far too long and featured some clunky coding thanks to my dust-covered HTML 'skills'.

Site Statistics:

The Genbu Kaiden Shrine - 55 subpages, born 2008
Dappled Light - 27 subpages, born 2003
Yoi Yume O - 17 subpages, born 2003
The Saiyuki Studio - 8 subpages, born 2008