I've always loved graphic design and 100x100 icons are my particular weakness. They're as addicting to make as to acquire and use =). Windows to fandom and fanaticism, these small frames reveal personality when tone is lost in typing and were once vital to any online persona. Now, I craft them mostly because I like it ;).

This is a graphics archive dedicated entirely to the making and distribution of icons. All are made by me, Discord.

Usage Policy...

Icons housed in this workshop are free for personal use in any kind of online journal, forum, website etc. There is no limit on how many you can take and no hindrance on what they can be used for, except in the case of re-archival and re-distribution. Under no circumstance are any of my icons to be put into another graphics website/archive and/or claimed as the work of another. I do not require credit for the usage of any of my graphics (though it's always appreciated), but I do consider it theft if you boldly proclaim them your own creation. If you use any of them as bases, a mention would be kind (and classy =P).

If you have any other questions about my usage policy, you can always email me.

Current Updates...

June 11, 2017: Content update! Made new Full Metal Alchemist and Rurouni Kenshin icons today! - Discord

June 4, 2017: Today I updated Version 8 with new coding and colors. Version 8.5 features DIV sections, no iframe, and lots of learning on my part. Let me know if it doesn't look right on your browser. - Discord

October 25, 2016: Sorry I've been such a stranger. There's not much of a demand for 100x100 icons anymore (like personal websites in general), so I haven't been ultra motivated to make new pretties. Tonight however, I did craft some new Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden icons, so take a peek and grab any you might like. - Discord

August 11, 2015: I've been busy with other pursuits (fanfiction) of late, but finally got around to making a new batch of Inu-Yasha icons. I also edited the welcome message and put an icon preview for latest additions on the anime menu page.- Discord

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No infringement intended.

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