About The Genbu Kaiden Shrine...

The Dappled Light.com was purchased on May 18, 2014 through Bluehost.com. Bluehost features unlimited bandwidth and space. Its been reliable, fast and easy to navigate. I highly recommend it as a low-cost alternative to add-filled free servers.

It houses two of the same websites as my old domain, Yoi Yume O, a fanfiction archive, and Dappled Light, an icon workshop.

About Genbukaiden.com...

The first domain for this site was purchased on September 8, 2008 through Bluehost.com as well.

Genbukaiden.com was (and still is) written in simple HTML and uploaded with Core FTP. I don't know how to use FrontPage or other site builders, nor am I interested. There's something about spending hours pouring through code to find your one mistake I find appealing =P.

I use Paint Shop Pro 7 for all my graphics. I bought the program in 2001, when I was sixteen and new to the world of websites. It's not as fancy (or cool) as Photoshop, but I'm content with it.

I've been creating and designing websites since 2000. I've made shrines to Dragonball Z, Ranma 1/2, Inu-Yasha, Fushigi Yuugi, Rahxephon and Trigun. None of them exist today. They were made in the days of high school, when I had a lot of free time.

If you have questions regarding Bluehost, or owning a domain, you can always ask.