2015 Updates...

5.21.15: The GK Shrine turned five yesterday! (Four years from 2008-2012, and one from 2014-2015.) I made a milestone banner to celebrate! - Discord

Retired Character Bio Icon4.04.15: Continuing my streak of redesign, I changed the character bio icons in the information section and added four new ones (including Fuiruka and Tegiru). They took me forever because I never saved any base versions, so I had to go back and grab images for every single character from the manga. It's a good thing it wasn't nice outside today >_<. Write-ups for the last few bios are coming soon! - Discord

4.02.15: Decided to revamp the memorable moments section and make it look more streamlined. I like it MUCH better! As an aside, the table tags I use are apparently obsolete (HTML 5.0 wants you to do everything in CSS now) so let me know if anything looks funky. - Discord

3.29.15: I made a brand new layout - my widest to date. I've been designing webpages stuck in the mindset of 2002, when most visitor's had a screen resolution of 1024x768 or lower. Deciding to leave my comfort zone, I joined the present day! Hurray! Version 6.0 is a familiar format - tables and an IFrame (I can't change everything all at once. I'm thirty now people. New is hard =P).

I also uploaded 35 new manga and artbook scans to the gallery. Many thanks to Sous les Etoiles for such beautiful contributions to the FYGK fandom ♥. - Discord

3.28.15: I have a bunch of new images to add to the archive, but today I made a page in the information section for Watase's most recent FY work - the story of the priestess of Byakko. Be sure to read the first chapter - it'll blow you away! Major thanks to Ran on FB for the news updates and scanlation links. - Discord

1.11.15: Happy 2015! The Memorable Moments page gets five more moments for the new year =). Only 15 more chapters left to capture from!! - Discord

2014 Updates...

12.30.14: Sneaking in one last update before the year ends, I updated the story page to reflect the series' completion. I also revamped the navigation for the Memorable Moments archive and added eleven (!!) new scenes. My growing collection now ranges from chapters 1 to 21 and holds over thirty moments! - Discord

12.23.14: I added ten snapshots and updated the text to Dance in Air, my Uruki/Takiko mini-shrine. Hope everyone has a happy holiday season! See you in 2015 =). - Discord

12.22.14: The information section continues to get some much needed attention. Six more character profiles and SEVEN new memorable moments are up! - Discord

12.21.14: Winter break brings new content to pages that haven't been touched in years. Six new character profiles and two more memorable moments have been added to the information section, as well as a new link to read Genbu manga chapters (the old one was broken). I'm in the midst of rereading/catching up on the events of FYGK through the finale, so expect more soon! - Discord

9.01.14: Whew! Busy summer! This morning I added a few icons to the graphics archive and a link to our new affiliate, Destiny is Calling! Spid has zounds of original content and has done so much to spread Genbu Kaiden goodness across the web over the years. - Discord

6.30.14: Just a small update this afternoon - I added version 2.0 of Dance in Air to the past layouts page and made a 10,000 hit banner. I thought the image was fitting, since this site has awakened after an almost two year slumber. - Discord

6.27.14: The CSS of Dance in Air, my Uruki/Takiko tribute, was all screwy, so I changed the layout and updated the last mentions of GK.com. Version 2.0 of the mini-shrine is very similiar to 1.0 - a table and absolute positioning (♥). I love having fixed layouts. Back when I started web design (a hundred years ago), you'd just center the damn thing and hope for the best >_<. - Discord

6.15.14: I added the link to my old hit banners page in the sitely section. It somehow got forgotten in the move. A badge for 10,000 hits is coming (though these May and June visitors are mostly just me -_-;;). - Discord

6.06.14: Made my first batch of Genbu Kaiden icons since 2010. With them, the archive is over 170! Looking back at some of my old designs, I might start weeding out the worst ones. Not sure yet. If nothing else, it's interesting to see the progression of my style and skill over the years. - Discord

5.29.14: Even though the FYGK archive on ff.net is a forgotten ghost town ::watches tumble-weed roll by::, I've written another story! Dead fandom be damned! Go check out Taisho Spy, featuring Tomite, Takiko, and Uruki, in the Fanfiction section. - Discord

5.26.14: Chapter two of Ancestors, my forgotten little FYGK fic, is up! - Discord

5.23.14: I updated all the GK.com references I could find, fixed and added links to the links page, made new linkware buttons, and posted a new information page comparing the original FY to the prequel. - Discord

5.22.14: I changed the layout, tweaked the CSS, updated the main page info, and added eleven new pictures to the manga/artbook image gallery. - Discord

5.20.14: Genbukaiden.com went off-line on September 8, 2012. It has risen from the cobwebbed folders of my computer under a new name - The Genbu Kaiden Shrine. Please be patient as I fix images, update old information, and add new content. - Discord

2010 & 2011 Updates (all 3 of them)...

3.27.11: Sorry about another long wait between updates. Here's to hoping the next one won't be as far off. I added new images to the gallery, and fixed the broken counter. - Discord

11.14.10: Read both new chapters. O_O. Can't wait for Chapter 34 to come out in February. Today I made seven new icons and eight new adoption badges for the Adopt a Character page. - Discord

11.13.10: Wow. What a year. I haven't touched this website in fourteen months. I haven't even read chapter 32 or 33 of Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. Life has taken me elsewhere. It's been very cool lately. By cool, I mean insane. I started a new job as a third grade classroom teacher, so I have little time for anime and the internet. I would like to get back into the series and GK.com though. I took a baby step and posted a Hit Banner page and a few new icons. If folks still visit this page, I promise, more updates are coming. - Discord

2009 Updates...

9.29.09: I made some new humor panels to cheer us up and tide us over until Chapter 32 (SPRING! SPRING! SPRING!). If anyone wants to donate a few (cause the section needs actual wit) feel free. I also made cute little thumbs for the manga/artbook gallery. All 70+ images fit on one page now and load MUCH faster. - Discord

9.26.09: Genbukaiden.com is one year old this month! I made a new layout and milestone banner to celebrate. Version 4.0 was made with one of my favorite FYGK images, courtesy of Birdie of Foreign Lullaby. - Discord

Here's to a great year!

5.30.09: I rewatched episode 34 of Fushigi Yuugi (the one where we see Hikitsu and Tomite) and posted 40 screencaps in the eye candy section. I gave the images a seperate page and made a gallery menu to navigate between artbook and anime archives. - Discord

5.10.09: Made four new Takiko splash signs, two banners and two buttons for the graphics section and added two layouts to the past layouts page. - Discord

5.09.09: I changed the layout and finally distanced myself from my ever-so-loved (and oft-used) white background. Version 3.0 uses DIV layers, tables, a fixed background, repeating backgrounds, CSS and an iframe. I also made menu pages for each section, added 24 pictures to the image archive and changed the main page a bit. - Discord

4.26.09: Last update for awhile. Changed my network links from text to buttons, moved fanfiction to the goodies section, got rid of some old linkware and made three new banners/buttons. - Discord

4.25.09: Good morning! I have an exciting content addition to unveil, courtesy of 1/2 sweet. Sweet has made almost one hundred pixel sprites of our favorite Genbu characters!! Go check them out in the new sprite section and then stop by Sweet's graphics journal, Whisper Box =). - Discord

4.21.09: GK.com has a new affiliate, Destinycalls.net! Now, my two favorite Genbu Kaiden sites are family! Happy day =). - Discord

4.19.09: The new chapter of Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden has been postponed until 2010. I am devastation. With that news, it's easy to put this site on a backburner (hence the lack of 2009 updates). Today though, I updated Autumn-Leaf's fic, The Flower of Snow, with five new chapters. I'm on break this week, so hopefully I'll make another content contribution. Many thanks to seven months and three thousand hits for GK.com. - Discord

3.03.09: GK.com is almost six months old! The benchmark doesn't quite hold the allure it did when I was sixteen, but still. Yay! Today, I just moved the main page to the index and updated the links section. - Discord

1.07.09: Sorry for the lack of updates. I spent winter break in complete seclusion up at the parents. Tonight, I posted a new story in the fanfiction archive. Genbukaiden.com's collection is closing in on half-a-dozen fics! What will I do with all the fanwork?? - Discord

2008 Updates...

12.13.08: AutumnLeaf16 has updated her Hikitsu fic, The Flower of Snow, with a fifth chapter! Read and enjoy =). - Discord

12.12.08: Life and work have been pretty hectic lately, so I've had little time for online distractions. An unexpected snow day has provided some reprieve though, so I updated the Uruki/Takiko minishrine with eleven new snapshots. - Discord

11.25.08: Nothing grand today. Am heading up to my parent's for Thanksgiving, so probably won't be around this week. I included the link to Dappled Light, my icon archive, on the main portal and added it's link to the foot of this page. - Discord

11.16.08: Still on an icon kick. 17 new icons, most of which I don't like. Practicing new techniques leaves me a bit unsatisfied with the results. - Discord

11.11.08: I've been practicing making "softer" icons (I usually overlay and burn my graphics to death) and cranked out a dozen of the new style. In this latest batch, I finally gave Tomite and Hikitsu some attention and used scans from chapter 12. I also posted six new Uruki and Takiko adoptee badges for Dance in Air. - Discord

11.10.08: Worked on the minishrine again today. Wrote up information on Uruki and Takiko and posted a new adoption. - Discord

11.09.08: Feeling super accomplished. I went back through my memorable moments and made smaller thumbs for every manga page. The section loads a lot faster and looks much nicer. I also posted four new moments, up to chapter eight, changed the moments menu a bit, and added 12 snapshots to the Uruki/Takiko minishrine. - Discord

11.08.08: Created the information section's Uruki and Takiko page as a seperate minishrine. Toiled with DIV Layers all morning for its layout and then scrapped the entire thing and used tables in the end. I like the final version more than the DIV one. - Discord

11.02.08: Decided the portal page was way too boring. Version 3.0 features Rimudo, Takiko and the over-powering color pink =P. - Discord

11.01.08: I've been neglecting this site because of other projects, but I finally found time to update. I created a brand new section, humor panels, and redesigned the 100x100 icon page. Icons are now broken down by character. - Discord

10.15.08: It's a Paint Shop evening. Played a ton with lighting and texture effects and made sixteen icons and four splash signs. Not gonna lie, this batch of icons is me just messing around and learning new techniques. Not my best =/. - Discord

10.12.08: Posted a new enter graphic for the neglected splash sign section. - Discord

10.11.08: GK.com has gotten over 1,000 hits!! Thank you! I made a banner to celebrate (cause I'll find any excuse to make a graphic =P).

1,000 hits!

Added the new versions of the main and splash page to past layouts, wrote four character bios, made two wallpapers and played with some new icon effects. With eighteen new avatars, the icon archive is now over ninety! - Discord

10.09.08: Early morning update. Posted a new Hien fic by Reiven (thank you!), and wrote blurbs on Uruki and Tomite for the character section. - Discord

10.08.08: GK.com is one month old today! Yay! I added ten new characters, but only wrote one bio. Bad me. I think apple-picking took it out of me. 29 children wandering an orchard with bags to fill = long morning. Discord

10.07.08: Decided on a format for the character page (inner-page name tags) and set up the code for the 21 cast members I've gathered so far. I also wrote bios (the spoiler-free versions) for Takiko, Yoshie, Tooyama and Genbu. - Discord

10.06.08: Added a few more icons (because I'm an addicted fiend). More importantly, I've begun the daunting process of gathering information and images on the Genbu Kaiden cast. So far I have 21 character icons up. No bios or stats yet - I'm trying to decide if I'll use target linking to organize or sort them by first appearance. Suggestions? - Discord

10.02.08: Unwound from work by making another wallpaper and a bunch of icons (twenty). I'll probably sort the section into characters soon, as the archive is nearing seventy. Here's a sample of today's 100x100 worship....

10.01.08: I got another fanfiction, this time by Reiven. It's a Shigi one-shot, so if you're a fan, be sure to check it out =). I also opened the final graphics section with nine bars and dividers and changed the splash page. - Discord

9.29.08: Great mother of pearl, I opened an information page! That's right... ACTUAL, WRITTEN CONTENT. Craziness. I posted Genbu Kaiden's premise and story in a rare fit of typing energy. It hit while I was watching an episode of Jericho. JERICHO!! The show makes me shout out loud and fist my collar in a bunch under my chin! Such tension and pressure ::shakes head::. Anyway, I've no idea what compelled me to hit pause, but I did. I'm sure it's a freak event though. I'm still all about the lazy, no-thought-involved, icon making =P. - Discord

9.28.08: Took a break from working on my Kouga/Kagome fanfiction and made eight new icons. - Discord

9.27.08: Just a quick addendum to today's update. Birdie, of Foreign Lullaby, has agreed to affiliate with GK.com! Yay! She has known this domain since day one and is a continued source of support and encouragement, so it's fitting she be my first affy! - Discord

9.27.08: Am up too early for a Saturday morning (forgot to turn off my alarm >_<). Added ten new pictures to page three of the image archive, wrote a blurb about the domain, made five 88x31 buttons, two 200x40 banners, and created The Genbu Alliance. If you're a fan, please join! We need to spread GK goodness across the net! - Discord

The Genbu Alliance

9.23.08: Made another Souren/Rimudo wallpaper, finished the second gallery page and added its accompanying image credit to the links section. - Discord

9.22.08: I posted a second fanfic by Autumn-Leaf16! YES!!!! I just DOUBLED the archive =P. She graciously allowed me to add her work, because she's the epitome of coolness. Be sure to peruse her Hikitsu fic! I also made twenty 88x31 linkware buttons for the graphics section. - Discord

9.17.08: Made twelve new 200x40 banners and two wallpapers. - Discord

9.16.08: Wasn't planning on an update tonight, but decided to procastinate and waste an hour. Tested out some PSP techniques and opened the adoption center with six hopeful adoptees. Don't really know if I like how they came out, but I was just practicing with funky gradients. - Discord

9.15.08: Finished the first chapter of my FYGK fic, Ancestors, and opened the fanfiction section with it. I also posted SIX more moments from chapters four through six, and broke them down into seperate pages. - Discord

9.14.08: After yesterday's massive update, I'm just posting a wee one. My apartment is in desperate need of a vaccum and the mountain of dishes are calling. Moved the old updates to a seperate page and added eight new 100x100 icons. This brings the total archive up to 40. Here's a small sample below.

9.13.08: Made a brand new layout (version 2.0) and worked on a slew of pages. I opened the following sections:

I also made TWENTY (!!!) new icons, joined three fanlistings, added a guestbook and included a link to the portal on the main page. Yes, I missed the sun today. - Discord

9.10.08: Yay for productivity! I redesigned the main portal page and opened the graphics section with twelve 100x100 icons. You know you wanna go see. - Discord

9.09.08: Did a lot this evening. Scoured the net for FYGK pictures and opened two pages in the image archive. I also changed the CSS, posted the sitely section, filled the links page and made a linkware banner. Whew. Yay for getting up early for work tomorrow. - Discord

9.08.08: I am SO too old for this. Bought a new domain and began fumbling once more with html. I haven't written code in two or three years. I decided there were FAR too few FYGK sites on the net, so I decided to go all out. Genbukaiden.com is my first domain but not my first website. I used to own The Inu-Yasha and Kagome Shrine back in 2002. It died five years later, after my host didn't renew. I've returned with a fresh start and today made the splash and main pages. - Discord