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♥ The Couple ♥

Takiko Okuda and Rimudo Roun do not have good beginnings. Rimudo leaves Takiko at the hands of city guards and the bounty hunter Tomite (later revealed as a celestial warrior) after they first meet. Unlike Fushigi Yuugi, the main couple of Genbu Kaiden do not "get together" within the first four chapters. Or even the four after that. They're argumentative and stubborn, and their early encounters consist of accusations and insults.

With that said, Takiko and Rimudo (seishi name Uruki), develop strong feelings for each other. By the end of chapter twenty-nine, Takiko gives up life in the "real world" to return to Hokkan and Uruki. Their relationship is more developed than Miaka and Tamahome (of the original Fushigi Yuugi), just as Yuu Watase's concepts of plot and character are in this later work.


SPOILER ALERT! (Nothing too crazy, promise!)


Some Stats: Uruki and Takiko first meet at the end of chapter one. Their first kiss is exchanged underwater in chapter six, when Uruki saves Takiko from drowning. They don't actually come out and admit their feelings to each other until chapter fourteen, at a village festival. At the end of chapter thirty-one, Uruki asks Takiko to spend the night with him and become his wife.

To see some of the moments between Uruki and Takiko throughout the series, check out the Snapshots section below.


♥ Snapshots ♥

These are a sampling of Uruki and Takiko moments from the manga. Some scenes span several pages and for the most part, they're in order (chapter-wise). I included reference notes in a few panels to avoid confusion. If you're looking for artbook scans, check out my main FYGK gallery.

Click the thumbs for larger versions and please note that the manga is read right to left.


♥ Tribute ♥

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