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Outgoing Links...

Amazing AMV's

Bleach Videos: As a warning, I'm an Ichigo x Rukia shipper, so most of these are tributes to them.

1,001 Miles
Used To Be
Lights are Shining...
Don't Leave Me

Young Justice Videos: I blame my husband for getting me into superheroes. The Avengers movies are amazing, but my heart totally belongs to the DC universe.

We Will Not Be Ignored
Failsafe Tribute - Hero
We Didn't Come For A Playdate
The Final Mission
Traught - Only Human
Breath of Life
Castle of Glass

Fullmetal Alchemist Videos: One of the few animes I still watch as an adult. If you haven't seen 'Brotherhood' (the second iteration of the series), DO IT.

We're Empty
A Thousand Miles
Unbreakable (MEP)