The Saiyuki Studio...

Gensomaden Saiyuki, or Saiyuki, was created by Kazuya Minekura. It is the story of four friends on a quest to return balance to the world of Saiyuki (Shangri La in the english dub). With dark pasts and foul mouths, Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai journey west to stop the revival of Gyumaoh and reinstate the brotherhood of humans and demons. They are extreme anti-heroes and reappear in Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload Gunlock and Saiyuki Requiem.

The Saiyuki Studio is owned and maintained by Discord. All images, graphics and writings, unless otherwise stated, were created/capped by me and should not be reproduced without permission. Check out my usage policy (below) concerning saving and rearchiving pictures for your own gallery/purposes.

The Usage Policy...

Every image in the gallery was capped by me. The archive is meant to be enjoyed, explored and shared. It is not meant to be reproduced in its entirety on your own personal site. You are allowed to take a few screencaps from each episode to add to your own gallery section or make into graphics. Do not download complete pages of screencaps, or hotlink your chosen images. When taking anything from The Saiyuki Studio, be sure to provide credit. A text link is fine, but if you'd like to use a banner or button, feel free. If you have any questions about my policy, or are wondering about exceptions, email me.

If you'd like to use linkware when providing credit....
The URL is:

The Updates...

June 15th, 2014: I made another batch of icons for the new graphics section. Below are a few samples. - Discord

June 10th, 2014: Today I opened the graphics section with a page of 100x100 Saiyuki icons. I also added a banner link to the main domain, - Discord

June 3rd, 2014: The beginnings of this Saiyuki site have arisen on my new domain! I uploaded all its old subpages and pictures today. - Discord

October 29th, 2008: Added the usage policy to the main page, thirty more screencaps (from episode two) to the gallery, activated the sitely link, and made two new linkware buttons. - Discord

October 28th, 2008: I stumbled upon the Saiyuki series last week and couldn't contain my growing interest, so of course, I made a website. I fashioned the index, main and gallery pages and posted sixty screencaps to christen my new fandom. - Discord

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