Site Updates...

October 23, 2016: Greetings! TDL.com is over two years old! Yoi Yume O (my fanfic archive) has received far more attention than this little portal, but I finally got around to changing its layout and its outdated welcome message. You can see a screencap of Verson 1.0 in the about section.- Discord

December 22, 2014: Merry Christmas everyone! TheDappledLight.com is over seven months old! It's been a busy year - there have been lots of updates to my subsites, and a new little sister joins the domain, my unnamed TCG trading post via Champion! - Discord

August 11, 2014: Just a little update - more Young Justice AMV links are up! - Discord

July 30, 2014: I've been doing a TON of writing this summer (original and fanfiction). In a fit of procrastination =P, I added more AMV's to the links page! - Discord

June 27, 2014: Started posting some of my favorite AMV's in the links section. I'm on a pretty big Ichigo/Rukia kick right now, so they lack variety (but not awesomeness!). - Discord

June 4, 2014: Completed the about page and opened the links section (though it's still under construction). I also changed the CSS to a single style sheet and made a new linkware banner. - Discord

June 3, 2014: Whew. My HTML is rusty. After much grappling, I finally managed to put up an iframe for this main portal page. I also made link banners for each of my sites and uploaded my small Saiyuki fansite. - Discord

May 22, 2014: I updated The GK Shrine with a new layout and new content. I also made a button for the main domain. - Discord

May 20, 2014: Today, I uploaded and updated Yoi Yume O, my personal fanfiction archive. I also fixed the messed up layout for The GK Shrine. - Discord

May 19, 2014: I've spent the day hunting down buried images and fixing broken links >_<. Almost everything works on my icon archive and FYGK fansite now! - Discord

May 18, 2014: On a nostalgic whim, I bought my second domain, thedappledlight.com! After three years of hiatus, I'm ready to try my hand at site design again. The dive back in was embarrassingly painful and full of stumbles. And swears. After finally remembering how FTP works, I made the main page and uploaded two of my old sites, Dappled Light and Genbukaiden.com (soon to be known as The Genbu Kaiden Shrine). - Discord