Welcome! Whether by purpose or chance, you've stumbled upon my little fanfiction archive, Yoi Yume O, (Sweet Dreams). All stories calling this site home were written by me, Discord, and are sorted by status (ongoing versus completed).

Big thanks to Beverley of CSS-Tricks for helping me end the Saga of Version of 5.0. An appreciateive nod to W3Schools as well, for offering lots of great answers (who knew HTML/CSS could change so much in 15 years =P?). This layout features NO tables or iframes (squee!) and looks best (hopefully) on all screen resolutions. The main image features lyrics from So Far Away by Mary Lambert.

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Current Updates...

July 30, 2017. Four new chapters have been added to Engine Trouble =D. Discord

July 15, 2017. It's been a Zootopia-filled week. Two new chapters are up for Engine Trouble, and one for The Academy - both works benefiting from my wonderful beta's critical eye. Thank you CasuallyCompetent, you are the absolute best! - Discord

July 10, 2017. I'm on a roll! Chapter 16 is up for Stolen! - Discord

July 8, 2017. As promised, chapter four is out for From the Ashes, as well as a new drabble for Engine Trouble ::mic drop::. - Discord

July 3, 2017. I updated Engine Trouble with two new chapters, and after seventeen years of writing fanfiction, finally have a beta for two of my stories! Many thanks to CasuallyCompetent for reading over my Zootopia works and doling sage advice. - Discord

June 30, 2017. You knew it was coming. I revised all of Engine Trouble's chapters (I'm a compulsive re-reader, can't help it!) before posting Chapter 30, and I also finished conquering editing chapters 16 and 17 of Reborn. Next up will be a revamp of chapter 18 and a new installment for From the Ashes, Reborn's sequel =). - Discord

June 25, 2017. Back from a wonderful trip to Bermuda, I'm ready to write this summer! Today I posted Chapter 29 for Engine Trouble (on hiatus since February). - Discord

June 4, 2017. Changing the layout colors a bit (I'm more of a sea green than forest green fan), I recovered lost content from my old computer including back updates, a preview for Stolen's chapter 16, and some favorite story/author links. - Discord

June 3, 2017. I FINALLY did it!! ::triumphant fist in air:: A layout of div containers, NO tables or iframes, and near-current coding! I owe a huge part of this week-long learning process to a wonderfully gracious website technician named Beverley who kicks all the ass and takes every name. Thank you m'dear. I owe you. Along with altering the html of Yoi's pages, I also updated the sitely section, adding new links and content to the about me page. Unfortunately, I've somehow lost over a year of updates in my archive from my new computer move, but I'm sure I'll find them soon. Tonight is all about victory!! -Discord

June 2, 2017. I have been grappling with this layout for DAYS. Please let me know if its too big/you can't scroll/or it looks 'off'. ::grumbles:: Learning... new things... so... hard... ::descends to mutter::. - Discord

May 29, 2017. Yoi Yume O is over 13 years old! (Yikes, time flies!) To celebrate, I updated the layout - wrestling with a new computer, altered FTP settings, and a very old graphics-editting program reluctant to join the world of 2017 in the process. Welcome to Version 5.0, best viewed in resolutions of 1440x900 or higher. - Discord

April 3, 2017. Chapter 7 is up for Chasing You, and I moved the long list of updates to the update archive. - Discord

April 2, 2017. A story I dislike, but can't seem to abandon, Chasing You, has received a full edit on its existing six chapters this week. - Discord

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