The Cutting Room...

Having written fanfiction since 2000, I have hundreds of scenes that will never see the light of day. Here are a few that I thought interesting enough to share.


The Cuts: (1) A River Bath, (2) Kagome Nude, (3) The First Ouja

Explanation:When I started this story ten years ago, I was 19 and a very different kind of writer. The sucky kind. Not that I'm anything great now, but I know I've improved. Originally, I made Inu-Yasha horrible. He was belligerent, unkind, and so anti-hero, he was downright unlikable. I had to throw out over 30 pages of him being an absolute a-hole. Still, there were a few exchanges between Kagome and him I wish I could've kept in some form. Here they are, as excerpts. Read with an eye-roll ready teenage Discord was a might cheesy.