2017 Updates...

March 14, 2017. I've been editing Stolen's back chapters (and have given up saying I will stop doing so), and posted a preview for chapter 16. - Discord

March 10, 2017. I wrote more than 20,000 words for my Inu/Kag fic Stolen for Nanowrimo this year (hate most of it), but managed to scrounge together a fifteenth chapter from the horrible bits. Check it out! - Discord

February 5, 2017. On the near eve of my 32nd birthday (eep!), I haven't given up on Reborn, editting revisions and revising edits on COUNTLESS rereads through Chapter 15. It's a piece I'm both proud of and mortified by, and I think my end goal is to just settle for one of the two. Leaning toward the former (Lord knows why), I updated Reborn's sequel with a third chapter. So there's that. I also gave Engine Trouble three new drabbles, and will soon be putting the Zootopia creation on hiatus (as Reborn has completely consumed all the energy I have reserved for fandom). - Discord

January 18, 2017. Continuing to revise Reborn like a crazed, fixated fiend before updating its sequel, I took a break to add two new installments to Engine Trouble and FOUR upcoming chapters for preview. - Discord

January 7, 2017. Happy New Year! I've added three new chapters to Engine Trouble (who's readers are now being wonderful). The story was published over five months ago and continues to be updated, which makes it my longest, still active drabble fic =). Let's hope I can keep it going! - Discord

2016 Updates...

December 29, 2016. I'm still on my Zootopia kick and posted one of the WildeHopps ideas I played around with during Nanowrimo, naming it The Academy. I also updated the oft-flamed Engine Trouble with four new chapters (man, readers in the Zootopia community hate drabbles. Or, at least mine... -_-;;). - Discord
The Academy

December 10, 2016. I won my fifth Nano and posted two new drabbles for Engine Trouble. - Discord

October 23, 2016. I've done a ton of editting this month, revising numerous chapters for Chasing You, Reborn, and Stolen. I've also posted a new chapter for Stolen, put up a preview for chapter 15, and added three new drabbles for Engine Trouble. Whew! I think I'm ready for some original fiction - Year Eight of Nanowrimo, here I come!

September 28, 2016. OUR HOUSE IS ♥AWESOME♥!! Four new chapters for Engine Trouble are up =). - (A Very Smitten) Discord

August 15, 2016. Engine Trouble gets another trio of new chapters, and this will be the last fanfic update for a bit until we close on our house. See you in September! - Discord

August 7, 2016. Three more drabble chapters are up for the new Engine Trouble, and I moved the list of updates from 2016 to the past updates page. - Discord

August 5, 2016. What an exciting summer - we're buying a house! Yay! Adulting! To prove I haven't lost my juvenile streak, I wrote a Zootopia story, shipping Nick and Judy (of course). I also re-revised the first nine chapters of Reborn, and found an old layout of 'Discord's Fanfiction Realm' lurking in the corners of the web still owned by Angelfire. Check it out on the past layouts page if you're interested. - Discord

May 30, 2016. Chapter 13 is up for Stolen! The wolves return seeking vengenance, and Rin makes an appearance. (Yay for too many plot points!) - Discord

May 15, 2016.Stolen's Chapter 8 through 12 are done! They just fell into place - conquered cogs in the Discord-Editting-Machine. Whoo-hoo! This twelve-year old story now reflects my current writing style (mostly). Yay! A new layout (and new chapter?) should be up soon for TDL's second birthday! - Discord

May 8, 2016. Revisions continue! New versions of Chapter six and seven for Stolen are up. - Discord

May 4, 2016. I know I'll eventually stop editting old scenes of my stories whenever I'm ready to give them new chapters. I have to. I can't keep doing this every time I decide to update. Glaciers move faster. But today, is not that day. I've been revising the first five installments of Stolen (yet again) for the past month. Hopefully they'll last my perfection-obsessed mind awhile, and Chapter 13 will be out soon. - Discord

March 12, 2016. Continuing to revise the dated saga that is my first Kouga/Kagome story (Reborn), I finished chapters 12 and 13 today. Once the whole thing is done, I'll update its sequel (From the Ashes). - Discord

March 6, 2016. After revising chapter five, I posted Chasing You's chapter six! Yay for slogging through those edits! - Discord

March 5, 2016. In preparation for Chasing's new installment, I revised her first four chapters - mostly just stretching/combining sentences and trying to make my copious amounts of dialogue make sense -_-;;. Unfortunately, I've reached that horrible point where I've read and reread my writing so many times its practically memorized, so editting is mostly just spun wheels and getting distracted by my killer iTunes playlists. ::sigh:: - Discord

March 1, 2016. For Yoi's first 2016 update, I added a preview for Stolen's Chapter 13, increased the preview for Chasing You's Chapter 6, added three new drabble chapters to Days After, and moved the record of past updates to the archive page. - Discord

2015 Updates...

December 24, 2015. Merry Christmas Eve! Four more chapters of Reborn are edited. (Grappling with their horribleness for more than a week has NOT left me in the holiday spirit -_-;;.) A new update for Reborn's sequel will be up as soon as I'm done face-lifting her remaining chapters. - Discord

December 13, 2015. It's been a Kouga/Kagome weekend - eight revised chapters between Reborn and her sequel. (Why didn't I use more commas when I was 19? It'd save me a lot of time now >_<.) - Discord

December 6, 2015. Stolen's Chapter 12 has arrived! - Discord

December 5, 2015. A new update for Stolen looms near! Chapters 10 and 11 have been editted (yikes they were bad!). - Discord

Nanowrimo '15December 3, 2015. I return from Nanowrimo 2015 (a do-or-die novel writing competition in the month of November) victorious!! Ready to dive back into fanfiction, I spent today revising Chapter 9 of Stolen. Discord

October 11, 2015. I've been revamping my two main fics (Chasing and Stolen) for weeks now and added a new cut scene from Chapter four of the latter. - Discord

October 10, 2015. A sneak peek for Stolen's Chapter 12 is up, and I moved the growing list of updates on the main page to the archives. - Discord

October 5, 2015. Chasing You FINALLY has a new chapter!! Yay! Check it out, then read the preview for Chapter 6 =). - Discord

October 4, 2015. I just joined Inkitt.com and am loving the community they have there! The fandom collection is small right now, but there's a fanfiction contest going on and I just entered Reborn. Feel free to vote for me (the contest ends the 21st)! - Discord

August 5, 2015. Eleven new chapters for Days After and a revised chapter four for Chasing You are up. I also updated the About Author and Links pages. Happy summer! - Discord

July 20, 2015. Okay, I lied. My mojo is BACK!! I just revised the third chapter for Chasing You and now it reflects my current writing much more. Hurray! Currently in the midst of dismantling chapter four (kill me), and then its time for a long-overdue update! - Discord

July 18, 2015. I can't seem to tackle any of my longer fics in earnest - they're clunky and wordy and I'm hating all of them at the moment >_<. My muse is in full-on 'drabble only' mode. The Days After gets 13 new chapters this month and The Untold Epilogue (which is going on hiatus) gets 15. - Discord

June 22, 2015. 21 new drabble chapters (8 for Days and 13 for Untold). I'm also on a huge editting spree - revised the first chapter for Reborn (yes, again -_-;;) and Stolen, the first two for the forgotten (and TERRIBLE) Chasing You and the entire one-shot Sleepless Night. - Discord

June 8, 2015. The end of the school year looms! Another installment in my recent drabble obsession - 7 chapters for Days After and 5 for Untold Epilogue. Other fics? Psh. Don't think so. After grades and classroom close-up are done, maybe. - Discord

May 30, 2015. More drabble updates! Untold Epilogue receives six new chapters and Days After gets two. Enjoy! - Discord

May 23, 2015. Sooo, I've become completely addicted. In addition to posting the entire week's chapters for Days After, I started ANOTHER drabble story, this time for Inu-Yasha! - Discord
The Untold Epilogue

May 21, 2015. My new domain turned one year old this week! Hurray! I've added three new chapters to The Days After, and another revised chapter for Reborn. - Discord

May 16, 2015. I'm on a writing binge! Who needs to be out enjoying spring? Three new drabble chapters, five revised Reborn chapters, and a second installment for From the Ashes are all up! - Discord

May 10, 2015. Six new chapters are out for The Days After (80 done so far) and I added another favorite author and story to the links section. - Discord

May 2, 2015. Inspired by two amazing IY writers (RosieB and forthright), I decided to try my hand at 100 word drabbles. After completing 50 (!!) chapters for The Days After, my new FMA fic, I've decided they are MUCH more taxing to write than read x_X;;. I've posted the first ten and will continue updating weekly. - Discord
The Days After

April 18, 2015. Chapter 11 is up for Stolen, as well as SEVEN new pages of additional content in the first six chapters! Go me! - Discord (Editing Machine)

April 9, 2015. I've done a lot more reading than writing this last month. An exceptional author and some of her stories have been added to Yoi Yume O's link section. She writes mostly Sesshomaru/Kagome fics and they're INCREDIBLE. (I'd never really envisioned the two of them as a couple, but it didn't matter. She's that good.) Brace yourself. If you start one of her stories, you won't be able to stop. At all =). - Discord

March 2, 2015. After a lackluster response to my Reborn sequel, I shifted back to my Inu/Kag fic. Two new chapters for Stolen are done and awaiting edits. An excerpt from eleven is up on the previews page. - Discord

February 17, 2015. After finishing four(!!!) chapters, I published From the Ashes today. Check out the first chapter! - Discord

February 2, 2015. I've been editting my Kouga/Kagome fic Reborn on and off for the past year. Feeling inspired, I started a sequel! The first two chapters are done, but were written pretty quickly and need to ferment. (Time always improves my writing =P.) I made a new fic banner in the meantime, sporting the sequel's working title, From the Ashes. - Discord

January 27, 2015. With another November NaNoWriMo of original writing under my belt, I'm ready to work on fanfiction again. Stolen's Chapter 10 is posted with a cliffy of epic proportions! Bwahaha!! - Discord

2014 Updates...

October 26, 2014. Chapter 9 is up for Stolen! - Discord

October 19, 2014. In a fit of weekend creativity I worked on THREE current fics and "finished" chapters for both of my Inu-Yasha stories. They're just blocked out right now, and need some serious edits, but hooray! Go read new previews for the latest events in Chasing You, Stolen, and The Land of Konantica! - Discord

October 18, 2014. Branching away from the Inu-Yasha universe, I decided to revisit a shelved work from 2002(!!). My old Fushigi Yuugi AU is now up in ongoing stories. Hope you enjoy! - Discord
The Land of Konantica

July 29, 2014. Stolen's completed Chapter 8 is here! I've also been working to revise Reborn (all 149 pages of it -_-;;). It will be reposted when I'm done. - Discord

July 21, 2014. I've been traveling and working on original fiction for the past month, but got up the first page of Chasing You's new chapter for preview. - Discord

June 24, 2014. Chapter 7 is up for Stolen! I also posted an excerpt of Chapter 8 in the previews section. For anyone who read my stories before this year, you'll know my updates since January have been uncharacteristcally regular. Let's hope it keeps up =). - Discord

June 22, 2014. I finally started working on Chapter 5 of Chasing You and decided to change it's fic banner. I think I like the new one more, but I'm not sure. I also went through and got rid of the center tags for most of my pages. With the new layout, it looks a bit funky otherwise. - Discord

June 20, 2014. I keep messing with the layout. There's something I just don't like about it. Arg. Must not let it make me crazy o_0. Today I wrote up my 'author' bio. Check it out in the sitely section. - Discord

June 19, 2014. A million nested tables and layers later, Version 4.0 is up! It showcases Inu-Yasha and Kagome from Inu-Yasha. The light render I used was made by Refuted. I also tweaked the main page text and moved the growing list of updates to the update archive. - Discord

June 18, 2014. My newbie domain turns a month old today! Hurray! This evening I opened The Cutting Room with three omitted scenes from Chapters 2 and 3 of Stolen, my Inu-Yasha/Kagome fic. I'm obviously just procrastinating editing Chapter 7 for it, but oh well. - Discord

June 4, 2014. Tonight I updated the links section and added a new linkware button. - Discord

June 2, 2014. I made banners for all the fics housed here. They're so pretty! Check them out in the links listed above. And go read my Ed/Winry lemon while you're at it =). - Discord
A Sleepless Night

May 29, 2014. Even though no one reads or writes FYGK fics (deep sadness), I'm still plugging away, determined to expand the fandom! I wrote a brand new story, Taisho Spy, featuring the Genbu seishi in the beginnings of a modern Japan. - Discord

May 26, 2014. Posted my first ever lemon up in Adventure's End. I've tried putting it on ff.net twice, but there are some folks with too much time on their hands who like to police the Fullmetal Alchemist section for policy infringement. If you'd like to read twelve pages of steamy Ed/Win goodness, check out A Sleepless Night. Flames and critiques are welcome. - Discord

May 20, 2014. Revived once again (after another five year hiatus -_-;;), I've uploaded my poor, wandering archive to my personal domain. Here to stay, Yoi Yume O will be home to new chapter previews, completed and in-progress fics, and lemons I won't post on ff.net. Tonight, I changed the main page links, updated my finished and ongoing story lists, and added this layout version to the sitely section. - Discord

2009 Updates...

June 28th, 2009. Revised and reposted the first three chapters of Stolen, my Inu-Yasha/Kagome fic from 2004, and finally resumed working on Chapter 4. It should be up by the end of this week. - Discord

June 14th, 2009. Don't tell anyone who's reading one of my on-going (and badly in need of an update) stories, but I've started a new fanfic. It's called Taisho Spy and features the pairing Takiko/Tomite from Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden. Call me a sucker for non-canon! The first thousand words are up in the chapters in progress section. Critiques and flames are welcome. - Discord

April 26th, 2009. Posted chapter two of my Fushigi Yuugi fic, The Land of Konantica. I also exchanged the links for my network from text to buttons and fixed the header bars for each section (they all said 'Inu-Yasha Fanfiction' -_-;;). - Discord

January 18th, 2009. I posted all the story summaries and links for my permanently shelved work. Next step will be getting a guestbook and posting chapter-in-progress sneak peaks. - Discord

January 13th, 2009. This is a heads-up for all fanfiction writers wishing they could see their stories in print! Lulu.com is a self-publishing website that will bind and print your story! When Reborn, my Kouga/Kagome fic, is finished, I plan to make it a book for my shelves. Here's its tentative cover. As fandom writers, we know we can never truly publish (because of obvious copyright infringement), so why not just make a copy for yourself? - Discord

January 11th, 2009. I posted the links for my six ongoing stories. Clicking a story will take you to its page on fanfiction.net. - Discord

January 10th, 2009. Finished the CSS sheets for the main page and began activating A TON of links. I've opened past layouts, past updates and links (15!) in the sitely section, and ongoing stories, permanently shelved and chapter previews in the main page navigation. All before noon! - Discord

January 9th, 2009. Brought this puppy back from the dead! Yoi Yume O hasn't been touched since 2004 and is in the process of a major overhaul. Tonight, I made the main layout, version 3.0, featuring Kouga, Inu-Yasha and Kagome from the series Inu-Yasha. - Discord

2004 Updates...

September 16th, 2004. I will make no excuses. I have not worked on fanfiction much over the past few months and so this collective has remained idle. Last night though, in a fit of rare insomnia, I finally finished chapter 2 to my Kouga/Kagome fic Reborn. It's now posted so feel free to go check it out. - Discord

May 5th, 2004. In my defense, I have been making changes to this site throughout the week... they've just been minor and not consequential enough for the actual label of "update". Today though, I added a guestbook visitors can sign and chapter review forms for feedback. Will post more of my actual stories soon. - Discord

April 30th, 2004. It's one am... that constitutes a next day update. Added a counter and all my story stats (total 15). Tomorrow I'll continue putting off my history paper and update more. With finals looming right around the corner, this was probably the worst time to revive this little site. Oh well. If I flunk from college at least it'll give me more time to write -_-;;.
[EDIT] Posted my latest two stories and some story summaries. - Discord

April 29th, 2004. Spent all day working on the graphics for 3.0, the latest version of my fanfiction archive. All the main page links work, though no content is up yet... but I'm on a new server and hopefully it'll stick this time. - Discord

Update Note: I've lost all my older updates. Yoi Yume O went through multiple server homes and I neglected to bring screencaps of the old layouts or previous updates with it.